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Meet Rachael Wilcox Rolniak 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Rachael E. Wilcox-Rolniak, LMHC 


"I believe life is a journey. Sometimes the road can get bumpy, but you never have to travel alone." 


I believe that talk is still the best medicine. However, if talking doesn’t work, communication through all types of expression and the utilization of a variety of tools can help us on this journey. I have helped many people who face a variety of challenges. I have extensive experience working with individuals who are neurodiverse, or suspect they carry a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism (ASD). I also have extensive experience working with individuals who experience trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, struggle with transitions, and sensory integration issues. Our experiences are holistic and take a full-body and integrated approach to help clients gain greater insight into how their mind works so they can reduce the stresses of everyday life. I provide individual therapy services. I use a variety of techniques including psychodynamic psychotherapy, behavioral-based techniques, DBT, expressive, sensory-based techniques, metacognitive therapy, movement-based techniques, IFS, and Parts work. Our sessions are focused on finding the unique way your brain responds to your internal and external experiences, and we tailor techniques and interventions to fit your individual needs.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why choose Counseling?


Some life events cause a ripple effect, which may influence  how our body and mind responds in other situations. 


Depression can be more than feeling sad or down. Depression may also impact us in unexpected ways. This can involve how we sleep, eat, or respond to those around us. 


This is a safe space for everyone!  

Relational issues/Conflicts

We can't change other's behaviors, but sometimes we may be able to influence others with our own behaviors. Most importantly, we need to identify what it means to act and communicate in a way that is "healthy for you" so that others understand your needs and respect your boundaries. We can work on these skills together. 


Anxiety has an impact. It may not be limited to racing thoughts or endless worries. Starting a task, answering the phone, social events, or speaking up at work or school; daily life can become overwhelming.


Every brain is as individual as a finger print, some brains are more unique than others. It can be ASD, ADHD, or no acronym at all;  let's explore your brain and see what works best for you as an individual. 


Individualized Supportive Counseling

I provide counseling and psychotherapy services for individuals. I use a variety of techniques including psychodynamic psychotherapy, behavioral based techniques, DBT, expressive, Somatic psychotherapy, Metacognitive techniques, IFS, and movement based techniques. Our sessions are focused on finding the unique way your brain responds to your internal and external experiences and we tailor techniques and interventions to fit your individual needs.


Your Path Starts Here

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